Air Rescue Social Mixer, Wed 12 Sep, Props Ale House Niceville

Tactical Air Support Troops in a Field

Calling ALL current and former Air Rescuemen (Jolly’s, King’s, Pedro’s, Pararescue, and Air Commando’s):

Please join a Rescue Community Open House Social on Wed 12 Sep from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm at Props Ale House in Niceville.  

We will provide a couple of free beers and some hors-d'oeuvres to each Air Rescuemen attendee.

That Others May Live Foundation (TOMLF) in partnership with the Air Rescue Association (ARA) is sponsoring this celebration.  Our friends at Props Brewery in Niceville will host and honor the Air Rescue mission by painting a combat rescue patch on their military heritage fence.  Many of you come from a rescue background and this is a great chance to re-connect with friends.

We will also host a special Pedro challenge to raise money to support our rescue families and veterans in need.  The winner gets to be honored as our first winner and select from a range of Rescue memorabilia.

If you have questions or want to contribute, call Todd Bolger or Michael “Festus” Agin through our contact form.

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