Help the Hunter family GoFundMe

On behalf of Maggie Miller, Lindsay Hunter's sister and That Others May Live Foundation.

My name is Maggie Miller and I am Lindsey Hunter's sister. It has really been humbling being so far away from the Hunter's during this tragedy, as most of our family and friends reside here in Anchorage, Alaska. A number of us have been trying to think of ways to help from afar and came to the conclusion that a gofundme account is the best option. The goal of this campaign is to raise money to pay for demolition, salvage, and rebuilding. I will personally be withdrawing the funds and providing them to the Hunters.

The photo above is of Lindsey and Aaron's new neighborhood in Houston, TX, following Hurricane Harvey. As many of you know, they moved in less than a month ago. While the family was able to swim out to safety and are are currently taking shelter with friends, their home remains under water.
Some of you may have seen the photographs on the news or on the Hunter's facebook pages, but they can't really illustrate the extent of the damage. It is likely that they will face $200,000+ worth of repairs. They did purchase flood insurance, but it takes a month to activate and they were just short of that before the hurricane hit. Their insurance company has denied their requests to file a claim. Lindsey and Aaron will be contesting, but it is unclear whether they will be successful.
At this point we are hoping to help the Hunter's get started with demolition, salvaging their belongings, and the rebuilding process; any amount that you can give will make all of the difference.
Should the Hunter's be successful and get insurance coverage for the flood, they would like you to know that they will forward these funds to other Hurricane Harvey victim relief efforts.

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