LinkedIn Groups Management Changing for the Better

LinkedIn has struggled since 2015 with streamlining groups management, but this is about to change. The lack of integration of Groups management through the standard LinkedIn mobile application (app) required group administrators to use a seperate "Groups" mobile app. Because of the aggregations associated with running two separate apps for LinkedIn and Groups, many group administrators were not surprised at the announcement in 2017 of discontinued support for LinkedIn’s Groups API for managing one’s group content through a seperate mobile app.

Good news came last week when LinkedIn announced they will no longer support the iOS app for Groups and it will cease functioning on February 15, 2018. LinkedIn will retain all established groups and their contributed content, only the app will be discontinued.  Unfortunately, no hard timeline was revealed for the proposed revisions to the main LinkedIn Groups experiences, but great improvements were promised over the coming weeks and months.

Discover and access Groups more easily

LinkedIn is focusing on integrating Groups into the core interfaces on web and mobile platforms so users may discover and access Groups easily, receive Groups notifications, and see contributions on their homepage feeds.

A Better Experience

Users may additionally post videos into their Groups, mention members with tagging (@member) to request their opinions, and reply to comments. 


Hopefully these changes will keep the business professionals’ social media giant at the top of their game, as LinkedIn promises better experiences and management of Groups inside the primary mobile app and website. 


Author: Holly Karr, Pioneer Technologies Creative Group Multimedia Developer

Article source information courtesy of LinkedIn