LinkedIn SEO, easy steps to increase your visibility

BY | January 15, 2013

Thanks to for this great article on tips to increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

In today's corporate world, you aren't somebody until you can be found on professional networking site LinkedIn. But as more individuals and businesses add their profiles, it's becoming more challenging to turn up in searches. Related Beyond Google: How to Optimize Your Site for Search on Bing A Quick Guide to Better YouTube Video Search Rankings How to Get Your Podcast Found in iTunes Search 5 Steps to Getting Your Business Ranked on Yelp Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business By Ted Prodromou What most LinkedIn users aren't aware of is that the results displayed for these searches aren't random. LinkedIn uses an internal set of algorithms to prioritize certain profiles over others, giving the businesses and individuals who have optimized their accounts correctly a leg up in using the service to find jobs, clients and more. If you're using LinkedIn for any of these purposes, getting a strong ranking in its internal search results should be a top priority.