About Us

Considered a trusted advisor to our nation and industry, Pioneer has been an engineer owned and operated leading provider of technical, analytic and project management support since 1995.  Our knowledge of systems engineering, program management, operations and test and evaluation allow Pioneer to provide the customer with “Best in Class” solutions.  A large business attitude and small business responsiveness make Pioneer the right choice.

Our clients are our best reference; we are only as successful as they are.  We provide a solution customized to their needs from a Pioneer project manager trained and empowered to make smart business decisions in the best interest of the client to regularly saving our customer money by determining exactly what is needed and eliminating re-work.

The Pioneer logo represents the men and women of Pioneer Technologies Corporation providing wisdom and solutions to lead the customer in the right direction to achieve their goals and objectives.  Breaking the logo into it’s components, the action figure in the logo points to a constellation called Canis Major.  Canis Major is Orion’s Dog, who is a well known warrior and hunter.  The Canis Major constellation also contains the brightest star in our night sky, called Sirius or Dog Star, which people have been using to navigate for thousands of years.